From sand, compost, mulch to gravel and aggregates, we can supply!

Drainage Rock

Size: 75-100mm |Type: Crushed, Unscreened

An ironstone rock screened at a size ranging up to 90mm, perfect for the deeper drains.

Lime Rubble

Size: 5mm - 10mm |

Small white rock sourced from Bremer bay, it is great for driveways and pathways, the clay base makes it great for compacting. Size 5mm-10mm

Pea Gravel (Cracked)

Size: 5mm - 10mm |Type: Screened

A great product popularly used for things such as pathways, decorative garden purposes and even to bitumise driveways. Size 5mm or 10mm.

Rainbow Rubble

Size: Up to 40mm |

A beautiful light rock with multiple colours, great to be used as decorative rocks in garden beds or pathways. Size up to 40mm.

Screened Gravel

Colour: Red
Size: 40mm all in |Type: Screened

A red clay based gravel averagely screened to about a 30mm sizing but can be up to 40mm with fines all through, making it the perfect product to be used on building roads and driveways. The clay base makes it compact extremely well and comes out solid, ready for spray sealing bitumen etc.